My son, Mark Jr., is a Martial Artist. He is very proud to be one.

It was his dream to be one since he was five years old. He took on the dream when he was six. He is now going on eight years old.

Martial Arts is a commitment that involves many years of your life. It involves very hard work.

Mark has been totally focused since day one. He has gone thru the grueling process of earning different stripes on his belt. And then testing to earn higher belt levels.

He even went thru the process of changing academies to get into a better training program. This involved sacrificing some earned levels and having to go back and re-earn them all over again.

He is in an extremely premier training facility in Sioux Falls. It is Tiger Academy Peak Performance.

This Martial Arts school treats children with the utmost respect, and properly trains them in a very detailed manner. Mark's regular trainer is Mr. Sean, who is absolutely unbelievably good at what he does.

Mark was testing Friday night in front of a live audience. One of the crucial parts of the test was kicking thru a nearly one inch thick board.

Watch as he doesn't give up until he shatters it. You will see this take place under the command of Master J.P. Wallace of Sioux Falls, one of the best coaches in the business nationally.

Mark Jr. is the boy on your left:

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