My son, Mark, Jr., is eight years old and in second grade. Since he was just in kindergarten, he has been diligently training in martial arts.

I want to point out that this isn't just something you do for a season like you would in basketball, football and so on.

Unlike other sports, martial arts doesn't have a season that starts and ends like the sport of baseball that I happen to coach for example. Martial arts never ends, it goes continual year round.

For anyone, that's a major commitment. Especially for a little boy. But, I've watched him train every Monday, Wednesday and Friday non-stop for two years.

He has made some major achievements so far. Winning multiple tournaments and passing some difficult tests are just a few.

I've watched this little boy totally dedicate himself to earning higher belt rankings. His dream of course is to become a black belt martial artist.

He currently is a blue belt. One of the tests he had to pass for his rank, was to break thru a one inch thick solid board with one single kick. He does it with rib breaking power as you watch here:

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