If you come home from work and find your significant other doing this, don't question it and more importantly - don't laugh! According to a study by a sports psychologist, your partner may just be trying to improve your love life!

Research has shown, and doctors are now agreeing, that there are many health advantages to turning yourself upside down. The theory, from sports psychologist Dr. Rhonda Cohen of Middlesex University, is that flipping yourself upside down increases the blood flow to your head, which then helps to stimulate your brain, glands and hormones.

Dr. Cohen says that the extra blood flow to your head helps to increase certain hormones that are produced in your brain, could also quite possibly improve your concentration and even make you happier. But even though your partner may not look graceful while attempting to balance upside down on their head, don't let the "uncomfortable" sight be a turn-off.

According to Dr. Cohen, the increased flow of blood to the glands in your head also increases the hormones that control your energy and sex drive!

So to sum it all up, headstands may actually be a sure fire way to fan the flames of love in the bedroom. What position happens after that is completely up to you!

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