It's almost Valentine's Day. A fun day for some. Crappy day for others. The folks at the San Antonio Zoo are catering to the folks in the latter category.

They have a new Valentine's Day promotion where they are allowing people to name a rat after an ex. It costs $25 to buy the 'love rat.' The zoo plans to feed rats and rodents to reptiles on February 14th. It is going to show the feedings on Facebook live.

The zoo's website reads: ''Have you ever been crushed by an ex? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you to mend that broken heart. This Valentine’s Day, San Antonio Zoo is hosting our first ever ‘Cry Me a Cockroach’ event. You will be able to name a cockroach after your ex, and we will serve it up as a snack to one of our animals for only $5. If your ex was a snake, you can even name a rat after them, and we will feed it to a reptile for $25! The certificate you will receive can be shared on your own social media pages.''


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