I wondered why I hadn't seen many songbirds around our house lately.

This summer I have been working on really making my backyard bird-friendly. We have added plants, perches, and a birdbath to attract delightful South Dakota Song Birds.

And for most of the summer, we would have all sorts of songbirds visiting our house. We had Goldfinches, House Wrens, Blue Jays, Cardinals, House Finches, Nuthatches, and more.

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A couple of weeks ago I noticed a big pile of just feathers in our backyard. Nothing but feathers. Turns out that was what was all that was left after a raptor stealth attack on what must have been a Morning Dove.

Ever since then we've noticed fewer songbirds visitors to our chunk of real estate. Yesterday I had just gone into the house after mowing the lawn. I was grabbing a glass of water and when I glanced out the window I noticed a Hawk plucking away at something on our back fencing.

Turns out this Cooper's Hawk was treating my backyard like a buffet. And he was very bold. I rolled some video as I walked closer and closer to him. He noticed me but didn't take off.

When I was within a few yards of the Hawk he appeared to be sizing me up. I think he was deciding if he was going fly off or rip my face off. He decided not to attack. I felt good about that.

Cooper's Hawk Sioux Falls - Ben Davis
Cooper's Hawk Sioux Falls - Ben Davis

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