They're at it again. If you live on Sioux Falls Southeast side, in particular near Harmodon Park, you have either heard about it or know about it first hand. Vandals are at it again and it would seem that Saturday night is the night of choice for going out and doing a little damage.

It doesn't happen every day. But it has been happening. Last summer, we had someone come by and kick two mirrors off my Chevy Impala. We also had our garage broken into and someone went through our vehicles in the garage. (Yes, since then we have decided to lock our cars in the garage as well.)

This past weekend I was on my way to the gym for a quick Sunday morning workout. I noticed our neighbor and new neighbors up on the corner had recently experienced the same. Mirrors kicked, HARD going forward. Now, I was upset when I saw it but was also relieved to know that I hadn't been singled out this past summer and past Halloween.

We've tightened up at our place. We leave lights on the front of the house all night long. We lock the cars in the garage, but the best $100 or so bucks I've spent is the lock for the garage side door. I picked it up at Menard's and it brings us peace of mind knowing that when the door is shut, it's locked.

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