Two eagles were found shot in Aurora County both near Plankinton, South Dakota.

According to The Daily Republic the eagles were located about 10 miles apart. A golden eagle was fatally shot and a bald eagle was shot in the wing and wounded. South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks conservation officer Andy Peterson said a man called Saturday to report a wounded eagle that was sitting near a stock dam.

The Daily Republic reports that the golden eagle was located north of Plankinton near the intersection of 389th Avenue and 245th Street. Petersen suspected the golden eagle was shot more recently than the bald eagle.

Peterson transported the bald eagle to the Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls for x-rays that confirmed it had been shot.

Eagles are protected by both federal and state law. Anyone with information is asked to call the Turn-In-Poachers hotline at 1-888-OVERBAG.