Strawbale Winery is offering a unique opportunity this December. Private helicopter tours of the holiday lights at Falls Park in Sioux Falls will be made available to the public beginning next month with their 'Twilight Flights'.

The way the city of Sioux Falls lights up during the holidays can be truly breathtaking. It's a tradition for families all over the Sioux Empire to travel to Falls Park during the holiday season to check out their 'Winter Wonderland'. Every year, people make it a priority to see Falls Park light up with over 300,000 lights, but what about seeing that display from the air? That's exactly what Strawbale Winery is giving area residents a chance to experience next month.

The evening begins at Strawbale Winery in Renner with wine tasting and hor'douvres. Then a helicopter will take you (and up to two guests) in the air and south to Sioux Falls, on a smooth ride that lets you see the city and Falls Park like you've never seen it before. Following the ride, you will return to Strawbale Winery for desserts and dessert wines.

Strawbale has been offering this package for over 14 years now. Their helicopter is from the Twin Cities company, Minnesota Helicopters. Rates are $265.00 for two people and $300.00 for three. The "Twilight Flight' runs weekends throughout the month of December and more information can be found at the Strawbale Winery website, or by calling 605-543-5071.

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