In life, we all have questions that are embarrassing or uncomfortable to ask someone else. So where do we turn? We take those questions to Google. Google knows stuff.

Zippa recently put together a list of 'What Each State Should Be Embarrassed For Googling'.

It turns out that here in South Dakota a lot of folks are Googling "Dr. Phil". Does that mean people want to consult him on their deepest emotional concerns or maybe they meant to search "Dr. Pepper"?

Looks like a lot of Iowans want to find out "How To Get Fired". Seems like many of them could maybe use some help from Dr. Phil?

Here are some of the findings for 'What Each State Should Be Embarrassed For Googling' :

  • South Dakota: “Dr. Phil”
  • Minnesota: “Hacky Sack”
  • Iowa: “How to Get Fired”
  • Nebraska: “Smelly Feet”
  • North Dakota: “Ok Boomer meaning”
  • California: "How to quit a job you just started."
  • Delaware: "Are aliens real?"
  • Florida: "How to get rid of a ghost."
  • Georgia: "Where is Africa?"
  • Illinois: "What do we breathe out”
  • Indiana: "How is a baby made?"
  • Kentucky: "How to become a vampire."
  • Louisiana: "Why do I sweat so much?"  (Because you live in Louisiana.)
  • Maine: "Disc golf."
  • Massachusetts: "Will Smith rap."
  • Michigan: "What am I good at?"
  • Mississippi: "Is the Earth round?"
  • Montana: "Nick Nolte."
  • Nevada: "Guy Fieri."
  • New Hampshire: "What does Hampshire mean?"  (It was named after Hampshire, England.)
  • New Jersey: "Weegee board,"
    Vermont: "Where is Canada?"
  • West Virginia: "Why is my poop green?"
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