Compared to most states, South Dakota is pretty lenient in regard to what kind of animals you can legally keep as pets. Sure, you may have to jump through a number of hoops, but if you really want an African Elephant, it's possible in our state.

There are two surprising animals that are absolutely forbidden to own in the Mount Rushmore State. Take a look at what they are and why they're outlawed.

First up, we have the Raccoon Dog. You read that right, Racoon Dog. Take a peek at one stealing a bird egg in the video below.

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Raccoon Dogs (otherwise known as tanukis) are actually more closely related to dogs than raccoons. But why are they illegal to own in many states, including South Dakota?

As it turns out they are quite invasive to native animals wherever they are kept and tend to damage the local ecosystem.

Also of note, the Raccoon Dog is the only type of dog that is known to hibernate in the winter.

The second (and last) animal in South Dakota that's illegal to keep is the undomesticated pig.

Why on earth would wild pigs be such a threat? Much like the Raccoon Dog, they are extremely invasive in a local environment and cause everything in an ecosystem to fall apart. Take a look at the video below for a broader understanding of why wild pigs are such a pest.

For a list of animals that are outlawed and regulated in each state, visit the Find Law website.

Story Source: Find Law


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