We've all been through heartbreaks in our lives, and most of the time people just want to binge on ice cream.  However, I can also almost guarantee the last thing someone wants to see after a breakup is a Tom Jones album with the first song entitled, "(It Looks Like) I'll Never Fall In Love Again."  Yes...this is exactly what happened to me.

Thanks to my good friends, Danny V. from across the hall and Scott Maguire, they encouraged me to write this story because they witnessed this laughable moment.  So, here’s what happened...

Danny V., Scott, and I always try to grab lunch together every Friday.  I call ourselves "The Friday Lunch Crew."  It was my turn to choose where to enjoy our weekly meal, and I decided on Vinyl Taco. I was not having the best week (clearly by the title), so I really needed a little diversion like going out for lunch.  What I love about Vinyl Taco is their menus all have iconic albums on the back. I am always hoping to find a U2 album. But, this time when I received my menu, I turned over the menu only to discover the Tom Jones' song "(It Looks Like) I'll Never Fall In Love Again." The universe (including myself) was laughing at me!!!

You can't make this stuff up.  Knowing the difficult week I was having, the three of us laughed incessantly at this coincidence.  That was the first time I laughed that week.  It's a moment I'll never forget, but it's something I hope never happens again!

What are some funny post-breakup stories you have?

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