We all have responsibilities and chores to do around the house or apartment.  But sometimes there's one chore that should only be completed every so often...not every day.

I have lived in my apartment for two years, and I have never had a bird problem.  It wasn't until this past May when I discovered an extra "chore" on my deck.  It was not pretty either.  I cleaned up the mess the first time.  It was not as bad as some would think.  Then this "chore" made another appearance on my deck a week later.  Eventually, this turned into a regular occurrence, and quite frankly, I had enough of it.  I needed some extra help.  Thankfully, my apartment maintenance crew was up for the job.

Tank had a great run, but it was time to take back my apartment.

A huge thank you to my apartment complex for assisting me with my bird problem!  Let's hope the birds continue to stay at least 6 feet from my balcony!

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