So what do you miss the most thanks (or better put, no thanks) to the Coronavirus pandemic?

For me, there's a lot of things that come to mind. I miss watching my Minnesota Twins playing baseball and sweeping to the World Series title (that World Series title part is conjecture on my part). I miss 'going out'...not to anyplace in particular, just anywhere in general. In fact, there's a lot of things I miss.

But in thinking about it, there are also things that I now know I took for granted. Things that, once this awful pandemic is over, I hope to not take for granted again.

One thing I haven't taken for granted is the health and happiness of my family. As I write this, they're all doing well and weathering this 'storm' like all of us. I pray every day that they stay well, and I hope you and your family stay well, too.

And when this subsides, I can't wait to see a playground filled with kids I don't know, running and laughing. I look forward to getting together with my family, grilling up some burgers and dogs, and torturing my Grandkids with tale after tale about how tough it was in the old days. I look forward to reuniting with my cousins and 'catching up' with a cold beverage or two. I can't wait to see them Grand Young'uns playin' ball and having a great time, win or lose.

Granted, I took that for granted once upon a time. I won't now.

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