I recently came across a BestLife article that listed the craziest amusement park ride in each state and immediately I was confused.

In all honesty, my initial thought was 'do we even have something that qualifies as a thrill ride in South Dakota?'

It turns out we do, and like South Dakota itself, it's unlike anything else in America.

The Rushmore Mountain Coaster opened in 2016 at Rush Mountain Adventure Park, five miles east of Keystone.

Now make no mistake, this is no 'thrill' ride. It's not going to to be confused with New Jersey's Kingda Ka, which accelerates from 0 to 128 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds and features a 270-degree spiral, or Texas' Titan, which drops riders 225 feet into back-to-back 540-degree spirals.

Compared to those two, and countless other high intensity rides throughout the country, the Rushmore Mountain Coaster is a light weight. It tops out at only about 30 miles per hour and has no major drops or spins.

But where it has just about every other coaster in the world best is scenery. If it went any faster you'd miss out on some spectacular views of the Black Hills.

And because you aren't 'white knuckling' it the entire time, you can ride it again and again and keep your lunch in your stomach where it belongs!

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