A considerable number of country music fans will tell you the 1990's was the greatest decade in the history of country music.

The greatest decade in country music history?

I suppose that might depend a lot on how old a person is. For me? Well, it probably falls a decade or two before that. But I will say this: Yep, the 90's had some great country music.

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If you were driving around Sioux Falls in the 90's, heading to the Mall, maybe stopping for an ice cream and a coke, motoring over to Howard Wood for the Friday night game. Perhaps you were driving to your favorite watering hole after a long weeks work, or cruising the loop. If you loved country music, you were cranking up these 10 artists loud and singing along to the hottest country hits of the day.

Of course, these weren't the only artists you were lovin'. You were buying Shenandoah, Clint Black, Trisha Yearwood, Lonestar, Diamond Rio, Pam Tillis, John Anderson and...so many more. But those ten, they were the top of the top.

How many of those Top 10 caused you to be late for school or work because you just couldn't get out of the car until their latest hit was done?

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