Tennessee Whiskey:The Musical is finding out that casting the King of Country is no small feat. In order to try and find their own young George Strait, the producers of the show are conducting a nationwide talent search.

“If we’ve learned anything from shows like The Voice and American Idol, it’s that great singers come from everywhere and may not always have the opportunity to live in a major city for casting," says the show's writer and producer Dewey Moss, about the expansive search, in a press release. "The character of George Strait is integral to our show and sings some very famous songs, and the fans will want to hear an authentic country singer. So we’re excited to start this national talent search..."

Anyone that thinks they have what it takes to play Strait can audition online by submitting a video singing and playing a song by the country legend. The videos will then be reviewed and if the talent is there an invitation to one of the show's national auditions will be extended.  National auditions are currently scheduled to take place this summer in New York, Nashville and Las Vegas.

Although Strait is a key component to the show, the story focuses on Dean Dillon. Dillon is a member of the Country Songwriter Hall of Fame, having penned songs for Strait, Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, Chris Stapleton and more. The musical will feature some of his most well known songs, including “The Chair,” “Unwound,” “Marina Del Rey,” “Ocean Front Property,” “She Calls It Love,” “How Long Does It Take,” “I’m Lying In Love With You,” “I'm Into the Bottle,” “We Got ‘Em Smokin’ in the Rockies,” “Easy Come, Easy Go,” “The Road Less Traveled,” “Here for a Good Time” and of course, “Tennessee Whiskey.” The accomplished songwriter is also creating new songs specifically for the musical.

More information about Tennessee Whiskey: The Musical can be found on the productions official website.

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