No doubt, the majority of movie-goers are still apprehensive about returning to the theaters. During the recent shutdowns, people have discovered streaming films at home as a way of getting their cinematic experience. But what about the best go-to movie snack - popcorn? Yeah, we're missing that, too. But did you know that you can grab a bag of popcorn to go at most theaters? it's a great way to support our local theaters who are going through a rough time.

The West mall 7 Theater in Sioux Falls offers popcorn to go typically between 2 pm and 7 pm depending on the movie schedule. You can even order it online and pick it up at your chosen time.

Cinemark, with the east side Dawley Farm and the Century 14 is offering 'Welcome Back' specials like $5 large popcorn, $3.50 large fountain drink or ICEE, and $2.50 candy. the website says it's for a limited time but this is too good to pass up and I would think that it's also available to go.

A recent survey published by CNBC compiled of over 2,200 people found that only 18% are comfortable returning to the theater. This is probably the reason some of the highly anticipated blockbuster film release dates are being pushed back. Dune is being delayed almost an entire year to October of 2021. The new James Bond film is being delayed until next April.

All the more reason to help our local theaters as much as we can and enjoy some delicious buttered popcorn until things return to normal.

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