The West Mall 7 Theater on West 41st Street in Sioux Falls is reporting that they will be closed for a little bit to clean up after a fire. The following was posted on the West Mall 7 Theater Facebook page.

“Earlier this morning there was a small fire in one of our rooftop heating units that damaged a portion of our front lobby. The cause seems to be a motor failure. Fortunately, our maintenance crew was at the West Mall 7 when the incident occurred and they reported it immediately.

The Sioux Falls Fire Department responded quickly and minimized the damage. We are very thankful that no one was injured and grateful to our staff and the first responders for their quick action.

The theatre is closed for the next day or two for cleaning, but we will be back open and showing movies as soon as we can. We will post further updates here and on our website. Thank you for your understanding and patience.”

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