As a Vikings fan, you might continually blame the purple and gold every year for killing all your football dreams for being good but, just never good enough to win it all.

Now there's a report out that says your football dreams aren't the only thing that is dying each year, so are a high number of birds, thanks to the Vikings football home, US Bank Stadium, and three additional high-rise buildings in downtown Minneapolis.

KSFY TV reports a recent study published in PLOS One was conducted of 21 different buildings in the downtown Minneapolis area. The findings showed the Vikings home stadium and three unidentified towers were involved in 74% of collisions, and 68% of fatalities among all the buildings analyzed.

According to the KSFY, the Minnesota Vikings and the stadium authority paid for the study to be done. The data showed around 111 birds died annually in collisions with US Bank Stadium throughout two migratory seasons.

The finding revealed the majority of deaths resulted from birds that followed the Mississippi River corridor and ultimately ended up colliding with the stadium's glass walls.

Now that the fears of the Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis have been confirmed, KSFY reports the chapter wants the Vikings and stadium authority to address the problem.

Source: KSFY TV

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