They say that dogs are man's best friend but in this case, it just happened to be the other way around.

Earlier this week near Fargo, North Dakota, a dog was both, very unlucky, and very lucky within a span of minutes.

According to Dakota News Now, a passerby just happened to see the struggling dog on a chunk of ice in West Fargo on Wednesday. The good samaritan then called 911 to report the frightened pup floating down the river on an unstable ice chunk.

Several emergency first responders arrived at the scene and, thankfully were able to rescue the dog off the ice and return it to its owner, shortly afterward on Wednesday morning.

The Cass County Sheriff's reported that it appeared the dog breached it's secure location on its owner's property and fell into the river. The Cass County Fire Department assisted the Cass County Sheriff's Department in the rescue of the dog in a video you can watch below.

Story Source: Dakota News Now

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