A scene reminiscent of the iconic thriller movie Poltergeist is playing out in South Dakota: a new home being built on a cemetery. A stop work order has been issued on a home construction project until the plot locations can be confirmed.

According to Katie Lamie from the South Dakota Historical Society Research Center the Evergreen Cemetery was formed in 1888 in the Rapid Valley, an area near Rapid City in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The original plan was for it to be an expansive memorial, however financial troubles and difficulty with accessing the property brought the hallowed ground to its final breath.

According to KOTA Radio neighbors grew concerned when construction began in the one time cemetery turned horse pasture. A few calls confirmed possible burial plots and an investigation followed. A hand drawn plot map from the 1930's is being used by researchers to locate certain plots. However, there are bases for headstones and fence remnants in places not depicted by the map.

Construction crews say they haven't hit anything underground that could be related to human remains, although they have unearthed some interesting historical items that were most likely thrown away as trash.

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