A stolen gun from Sioux Falls has shown up on a party bus with gang members in Minneapolis.

"The owner had the model number and serial number," according to Sioux Falls Police Department Public Information Officer Sam Clemens.

"That information was entered into a national database. Just last week, several Minneapolis officers had stopped a party bus. Sounds like a lot of gang members were on the bus. Once the people had been removed, the officers ended up finding three stolen handguns. One of them had been stolen in Sioux Falls. Because of the model and serial number, we were able to track where the gun was stolen from."

Clemens says that's why it's important to have the model and serial numbers on your property.

"If we have those numbers, there is a better chance that we can get it back. If we don't have those numbers, it's a pretty slim chance we can recover the property."

Clemens says the owner of the gun will get it back once Minneapolis Police return the weapon to the department.

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