Stink bugs used to be a big problem in the south. Now, entomologists (bug experts) are saying that the mild midwest winters are allowing the foul pests to continue a northward march. Yes, these putrid 6-legged devils are found in South Dakota.

Step on a sink bug and you'll immediately know how they got their name. Besides, it's easier than referring to them by their scientific name which is Halyomorpha halys.

Scientists believe stink bugs are able to produce a vile smelling liquid and use it as a defense against predators. You have to wonder why Noah put two of these on his ark!

According to the Tri-State Neighbor, stink bugs are a huge threat to corn and soybeans. And they will find their way into town.

If you find stink bugs around the house there is a quick, efficient, and cheap way to get rid of them. According to, all you need is a turkey pan, water, dish soap and a desk lamp. Check this out:



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