Like all of us, CJ Wehrkamp's life has changed dramatically in the past few weeks. As the owner of Fit Body Boot Camp in Sioux Falls, CJ has had to pivot to an online platform in order to reach his faithful clients.

As an in-group, in-person training facility, Fit Body's entire business model relies on one on one workouts in person. CJ has had to improvise over the past five days and shift that focus to an online business model. Their main focus right now is online coaching and training for their clients.


Fit Body of Sioux Falls has been posting numerous Facebook Live videos in recent days and getting creative with workouts, as most of their members don't have all of the necessary equipment used in traditional workouts.

To find out CJ's tips for working out from home, check out his interview on "Andy and Christine in the Morning" in the YouTube video above. And visit their website for all their information.

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