Could a new law be coming for drivers that lowers the amount of drinks you can have before you're officially considered under the influence? In most states when you blow into a breathalyzer you have to show a .08% blood alcohol level before you're considered driving drunk.

But now there's a movement in many state legislatures to convince lawmakers to significantly lower their drunken driving thresholds to 0.05%. In fact, starting December 30th of this year, Utah will officially become the first state to impose a 0.05% limit. The governor there has already signed the bill into law.

Under the US dietary guidelines a 0.05% threshold would mean that most women would be limited to two drinks and men two or three per day.

With South Dakota lawmakers currently meeting in Pierre we checked and so far no such bill has been filed - but it's still early in the session. Stayed tuned.

Source: CNN

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