Local business owners who have found success are not just looking forward to building more growth, they're also looking around at the vast landscape of other Sioux Falls entrepreneurs, building a community to encourage and provide knowledge to each other.

Matt Paulson of Marketbeat was one of those working to develop a new resource to foster entrepreneurship in the city. "Startup Sioux Falls is a digital hub that connects entrepreneurs to the startup ecosystem and startup community in the Sioux Falls metro area," said Paulson.  "You can think of Startup Sioux Falls as a one-stop shop to learn about resources available to entrepreneurs and small business owners, to find education and networking events relevant to business owners and to read the latest news about startups in Sioux Falls and the startup ecosystem in Sioux Falls."

The website will feature resources to connect those starting up a business with thirty organizations, state agencies, and groups. It also lists a calendar of upcoming learning and networking events, podcasts, and featured business owners.

Their facebook site has nearly 6,000 members.

Startup Sioux Falls is working in tandem with the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship, the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce and the Sioux Falls Development Foundation.


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