Cruising the summer toy isles looking for some summer fun and you might find Squeeze-Zits Mermaid Moles for some Summer pimple popping fun.

There are two types of people in this world:

-People who pop pimples

-And people who pop pimples, want to pop other peoples pimples, and watch videos of people popping pimples.

There are you tube channels dedicated to the craft of pimple popping and there are plenty of people out there watching.

If you are the obsessive pimple popping type then I have come across the perfect pastime gift to pass along to you.

The Pop it Pal is such a hit you may have already seen it on Shark Tank.

Meet the Pop it Pal!

From the Pop it Pal You Tube video:

There's nothing more satisfying than this toy. It's perfect for stress relief, calming the mind and anxiety. POPITPAL is the amazing pimple popping toy with 15 pimples ready to pop. It comes with refillable pus!

For more on the Pop it Pal or to order yours check out their official website.

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