This sounds like something straight out of an episode of the "Dukes of Hazzard."

A speeding car crashed through the roof of a home in Larchwood, Iowa, on Tuesday night.

Dakota News Now is reporting the accident that took place around 10:30 PM on Tuesday (February 2) inside a home located just off Highway 9 and Chestnut street.

Those who witnessed the incident first hand admit they have never seen anything like it before, especially in this small-town Larchwood neighborhood. Speeding cars in the neighborhood are nothing new, according to those who live there. Speeding cars that go airborne, now that's a different story.

Lyon County Sheriff, Stewart Vander Stoep, told Dakota News Now they estimate the vehicle was traveling at speeds in excess of 115 mph before the crash occurred.

Vander Stoep said, “You know through the years we have had a little history here. We have had a couple of houses hit on that corner before, I’m aware of one house being hit twice and another propane tank almost being hit, and a few other people going off the road there."

The people who own the house were not home at the time, fortunately. They are in Arizona at the moment.

The couple the home belongs to own the residence in Larchwood, so children in the family can get together in the house on occasion.

According to Dakota News Now, even though the house is currently unoccupied, the owners and their neighbors still cannot believe something like this could happen.

Sally McMartin, of Larchwood, told Dakota News Now, “I was over there this morning and I took pictures and I said how far is that you have to go over the road, and then over their driveway and then you go in the yard and then you go on the top of the house, that’s a long way to fly.”

You can almost hear Rusty Griswold from the movie "Vacation" tell his dad Clark, "Wow dad, we must have jumped that rail by like 50 yards. Nothing to be proud of, Russ."

Source: Dakota News Now

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