What's the best food to eat when you're in the state of South Dakota during the summer months? According to a recent article by the website, publication Eat This, Not That Chislic takes the top spot in the Mount Rushmore state. Chislic is always a fan favorite in South Dakota. According to the article:

 "Chislic is a fancy way of saying "meat on the stick," and it has been enjoyed by South Dakota bar-goers for years. Usually made of beef, lamb, or venison, chislic is usually served kebab style with peppers and onions. So, next time you're in a bar in South Dakota and are craving some meat, opt for grass-fed beef to reap the muscle-building benefits."

The author is partially right here. Chislic is certainly enjoyed by South Dakota residents far and wide. But does it always have to be on a stick? Absolutely not. But what about our neighbors? What foods make the top of their list?

In Iowa, it's Corn on the Cob. As a native Iowan, I can say that I'm not shocked at that one. Nebraska's go-to is Steak, but not just any Steak, Nebraska Steak. North Dakota's number one is a throwback to their heritage, Sauerkraut. And what about the land of ten thousand lakes? Minnesota's favorite summertime food is Walleye. Montana loves Bison burgers, and Wyoming is all about Buffalo Jerky.

Of all of these choices, I feel like I'm in line with Minnesota the most. Who's up for some walleye this weekend?

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