Sorry folks, the park ranger out front should have told you!

If you and the family frequent South Dakota state parks, it looks like you can plan on paying a little more to get in next year.

KSFY TV reports the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission has approved an increase in state park entrance fees for 2020. The price hike will be the first increase seen at South Dakota state parks since 2014.

Why an increase now, you ask? It looks like the primary reason is the significant damage brought on from all the recent flooding in the state. According to KSFY, the repair costs have totaled upwards of $9 million. Another contributing factor is the decrease in visitation because of the weather and weather-related damage. Some campgrounds in the state were forced to close as a result of all the flooding.

KSFY reports the fee increases will go into effect January 1, 2020, pending approval from the Interim Rules Committee.

If approved, annual passes to state parks next year will run $36.00, with a daily fee of $8.00.

Camping prices at state parks could be on the rise as well. Prime campsites at campgrounds are slated to increase to $26.00, preferred sites to $23.00, and modern sites to $20.00.

Source: KSFY TV


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