Other than your once-in-awhile Snowmageddon South Dakota continues to be the place for recreation, raising a family and more importantly business opportunities.

In a recent Forbes article South Dakota is ranked highest for the best when it comes to Business Costs. South Dakota continues to thrive in retail, finance, and healthcare making up the primary service industries in the state.

According to Sioux Falls Development South Dakota’s $3.1 trillion in bank assets are the most of any state and represent nearly one-fifth of all bank assets in the U.S. The government comprises another important segment of the state's economy with Ellsworth Air Force Base the second-largest employer in the state.

  • #1 in Business Costs
  • #24 in Labor Supply
  • #20 in Regulatory Environment
  • #39 in Economic Climate
  • #20 in Growth Prospects
  • #28 in Quality of Life

It's really no surprise that our state continues to gain recognition in several different fields.

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