Over the years leaders from neighboring states and Canada have gathered to discuss several issues affecting our citizens. This week members of the South Dakota Legislature and members from Minnesota, North Dakota and Manitoba, Canada will be meeting here in Sioux Falls.

The three day 19th Annual International Legislators’ Forum (ILF) beginning on Monday, June 17 will include discussions on water quality, opioids, and marijuana.

According to a release by The Consensus Council, Inc., this forum provides legislators an opportunity to discuss issues and propose solutions to shared challenges in a consensus-based manner.

In past years the forum has generated, has harmonized policies, and initiated
cooperative efforts among the jurisdictions and between the two countries.

Prior ILF gatherings have focused discussions on a wide variety of policy concerns, including agriculture, infrastructure, regional energy development, criminal justice reform, human trafficking, public safety and welfare, trade, environmental permitting, and mutual support of research and development.

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