What is it about South Dakota that draws so many people to visit this state? Just look around and you will find a gem in every county, in every city and on every backroad where ever you travel.

In a recent release by the South Dakota Department of Tourism, the tourism industry has grown again for the tenth straight year, reaching a record level of visitors, visitor spending and impact on the state’s economy.

To the 14.5 million visitors who traveled to and spent time here THANK YOU. We hope you enjoyed your stay and would like to see you again. That number, by the way, was an increase of 3.1%. This is the highest growth percentage the state has experienced since 2014.

The economic impact was felt in the amount of these millions of visitors spending over $4 billion. That too is an increase of 2.8% over the previous year. The release also stated that without tourism in South Dakota, each household would pay an additional $890 more in taxes each year.

Talk to anyone in this state and you will hear and see resiliency when a snowstorm or a flood or a tornado impacts their daily lives. What do we do? Roll up our sleeves and get to work. Pitch in where help is needed. And when we're done with our own we move on to help our neighbors and their neighbors.

South Dakota. Yes, we're open. Come back and bring a friend.

Source: SD.gov

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