When you're traveling across the great state of South Dakota you're going to have smooth sailin' from here to there and back.

Well, maybe not totally smooth sailin', but it's not bad!

According to Consumer Affairs dot com, South Dakota has some of the best roads in the entire country. Now of course if you just experienced a pothole, you may not believe it.

But it's true.

The website based their findings on research and consumer survey data and the Rushmore state this is us ranked 4th best overall. And if you happen to cross a border or two and visit our neighbors, some of them are doing pretty good, too. In fact, Wyoming has the best roads, Minnesota lands at #3 and Montana is number 5.

Nebraska and Iowa? Well, check out the story and rankings for yourself.

Oh, and if you happen to motor around in South Carolina, buckle up tight. You've have the worst roads in the entire country.

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