Remember the days of standing in line at the courthouse to register your car and purchase your new license plates and stickers? That is soooo in the past.

Yup, I was standing right alongside of you. And that was before cellphones so you actually had a conversation with the person standing with you.

Moving forward with technology we've seen satellite locations where you can renew your vehicle license stickers like Hy-Vee. Takes about three minutes. Well now the Department of Revenue has stepped up their game with a new online convenience for businesses and individuals. It's really a user-friendly login process.

The new MySDCars account setup will enable customers to create an account through three steps, as opposed to the previous system’s seven-step method.

The updated system also allows users to link business and individual accounts, providing vehicle owners the convenience of managing all of their vehicle actions through one account.

A recent report indicates an average of 70,000 South Dakota motor vehicle registrations have been renewed online per year. The online portal also allows South Dakotans to order specialty license plates, report a sale, print a seller’s permit, change their address, opt-in for email renewal notifications and more.

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