Beauty and the Beast is getting a resurgence in interest after shattering box office records with a new live-action version, released worldwide last weekend.

But it's another 'tale as old as time' that is South Dakota's preference for Disney's top princess.

Rapunzel, the main character from the 1812 German fairy tale, is the most searched for princess in the Mount Rushmore State, according to the Decluttr blog.

Mandy Moore Visits Disneyland In California
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The story of the girl with the long hair locked away in a tower, got the 'Disney treatment' in the movie Tangled in 2010. Current This Is Us star Mandy Moore provided the voice for the main character.

South Dakota is one of four states (along with Florida, Illinois, and New Hampshire) to have Rapunzel in the top spot.

Elsa (Frozen) and Pocahontas were the most searched for princesses across the country, topping the list in seven states each.

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