St. Patrick's Day in the United States is identified with displaying lots of green and drinking lots of beer. So just how much beer with folks consume to celebrate the Celtic-themed holiday?

According to St. Patrick's Day is the fourth most popular drinking day of the year behind New Year's Eve, Christmas, and July 4th. Other St. Patrick’s Day Facts include:

  • In total folks celebrating St. Paddy's day will spend $6.16 Billion large. That's about $43 per person.
  • Beer sales are projected to increase 174%.
  • The price of gold right now is around $1700 per ounce which puts the market value of a leprechaun’s pot of gold around $1.6 Million in cash.
  • 32.1 Million Americans claim some Irish heritage which is second only to German and equal to 7x Ireland's population.
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So this would seem to indicate that by March 18th a lot of partying population could be dealing with varying degrees of hangovers. Do you have a go-to hangover cure? Perhaps you might wanna try one of these:

  • Eating asparagus may prevent hangovers. Researchers analyzed asparagus' biochemical effects on human and rat liver cells. The results provided evidence of how the biological functions of asparagus can help alleviate alcohol hangover and protect liver cells."
  • In Sicily, there is Dried Bulls 'Wanker'. Word is that dried bull 'dong' is an incredible cure for a hangover, as the ingredient restores a person’s virility and therefore overpowers the hangover.
  • Iraqi Hangover Cure, which involves boiling a goat's head to create a soup.
  • Turkish Hangover Cure uses a broth created from a cow's intestines or tripe.
  • Or maybe just try the he “Starsky & Hutch” TV Show Hangover Cure which calls for blending Pepto-Bismol, Aunt Jemima pancake mix, Tang breakfast drink, diet soda, and a raw egg.

I'm not sure which one of the hangover cures is the worst!?

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