According to KDLT News a Sioux Falls woman was driving her car west on 57th Street around 10:30 PM Tuesday night.

When she was driving in the area of 57th & Sertoman Avenue something shattered her passenger side car window.

Kaenah Lampkin told KDLT News:

"I was you know, jamming out to my music and having fun and then something had hit my passenger car window, and completely shattered my window. I have heard guns, I’ve shot guns so it was like, holy crap did someone just shoot my car? I jumped, I thought I had ran something over at first before the car window shattered and was like, ‘Oh my goodness what happened?"

Police believe that someone fired a pellet from a BB gun and hit Lampkin's car window.

Lampkin is shaken up, but otherwise alright. Police are looking for suspects but say that finding someone involved in this type of vandalism case is very difficult.

If you have any information please contact Sioux Falls Crime Stoppers @ 605-367-7007

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