Even without the mayor’s support, a land transfer between the City of Sioux Falls and a non-profit group is moving forward.

The city council unanimously decided to continue the process that will give 2.5 acres to the Glory House. Councilor Pat Starr refutes the notion that the process was done in secret.

"We were very public about what we did. We had land use committee meetings and a separate informational meeting almost two months later. By the way, both of those meetings were recorded. We can go back on the city council website to look at the video showing how very open and transparent this process has been."

Another bone of contention with the transfer is the value of the property which Starr admits is currently unsettled.

"The county has assessed the value at less than $2 per square foot which really puts the value of the property without the building below $200,000. Although I believe there was a report that the property is worth between $750,000 and $1,000,000 when 49th Street goes through."

South Dakota law requires that a municipal land transfer must begin with a city council resolution to make the land available for a public need.

Mayor Mike Huether declined to sign the resolution which will take effect on February 17.

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