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With a city that's constantly growing, Parks and Recreation officials went before the Sioux Falls City Council with a plan for the future.

Every 10 years, the City of Sioux Falls is required to create a "Parks and Recreation Master Plan" in order to stay accredited. And since the last master plan was adopted in 2005, it's time for Parks and Recreation officials to update and create a new plan.

Tuesday afternoon, members of the Parks and Recreation Department alongside a consulting firm presented the "Draft Plan" to city council members. And it was a presentation that was very well-received.

The Parks and Recreation system in Sioux Falls is considered one of the jewels of the city. And it's one that needs to be "polished" from time-to-time, to continue to shine.

The 10-Year Master Plan focuses on improving organizational efforts, increasing financial opportunities and improving programs and services. But it's the fourth and final goal to improve facilities and amenities that most people will notice.

Other city council members say their biggest concern is figuring out how much money to spend on this new master plan. And Jamison says that will be their biggest challenge going forward.

Find out why City Councilman Greg Jamison thinks maintaining, sustaining, and improving parks around the city is so important by reading London Swan's complete story.

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