Just a few weeks after high school seniors in the Sioux Falls School District participated in virtual Graduation Ceremonies, arrangements have now been announced to hold in-person graduation ceremonies.

The Sioux Falls School District made the announcement on its website and Facebook page Monday evening.  The District has also maintained its communication with parents and the Class of 2020 students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The graduation ceremonies will take place on June 27th and June 28th at Howard Wood Field.  With social distancing guidelines in mind, the Sioux Falls School District believes that hosting the graduation ceremonies outdoors will provide different alternatives that indoor spaces may not allow.  "While SFSD will do its best to maintain social distancing to allow for an enjoyable event for everyone, it is the responsibility of each person to determine if it is safe for them and their guests to attend," states the Sioux Falls School District on its Facebook post.

Currently, the plan is to have two-day in-person graduation ceremonies this month at Howard Wood Field.  If circumstances involving the coronavirus pandemic change, in-person graduation ceremonies could potentially be moved to July.

Below is the approved schedule for ceremony dates and times.  Alternative dates are also provided.

  •  New Tech High School - 11 AM on Saturday, June 27th
    • Alternative date: July 25th at 11 AM
  • Lincoln High School - 5 PM on Saturday, June 27th
    • Alternative date: July 25th at 5 PM
  • Roosevelt High School- June 28th at 11 AM
    • Alternative date: July 26th at 11 AM
  • Washington High School- June 28th at 5 PM
    • Alternative date: July 26th at 5 PM
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