Sioux Falls Police Sgt. Paul Creviston says Monday night's robbery at Taco John's at 1100 South Minnesota may be connected to another robbery in the city.

"The note in the most recent robbery said 'get me the money or I'm killing you!' This was very similar to what the note in the first one said. Obviously there are some words unfit to print in the first note. I'll just paraphrase that: give me all the money or I'm killing everybody. There were some swear words included that I wouldn't share with you."

Creviston says it's unusual that a robber would use a note to threaten a clerk in handing over money.

"The clerk at Taco John's told us sometimes they get notes from people who are unable to speak English or maybe deaf and hard to speak. But, she didn't think it was that unusual to get a note. But, getting a robbery note is not very common. Typically our robberies consist of some sort of weapon."

Creviston says 30-year-old Ronqwell Lee Fondern of Sioux Falls was arrested for one count of robbery in the second degree and simple assault in connection with the Monday robbery.

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