Sioux Falls Police Department Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says authorities are awaiting results from an autopsy of a man who was found in a car at Walmart on South Louise Avenue on Friday.

“Other patrons of the store noticed the smell and ended up finding a man in a car. He was obviously deceased. At this point, we really don’t know what happened. The body was taken to the coroner’s office. They will be doing an autopsy. Hopefully, they will be able to determine something. But, we are still kind of waiting on those results to see how we are going to handle it.”

Clemens says the man in his thirties had been in the parking lot for some time.

“We believe the car may have shown up in the parking in the beginning of July, the first or the second. They're still working on getting the exact time narrowed down. But we believe it was that time frame.”

Clemens says there is no danger to the public in connection with the incident.

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