If we can learn anything from Steve Beck, it's to have fun in life - even when facing death. Mr. beck, who passed away on August 11, 2017, took the time to write his obituary - in his own words. He gracefully writes:

Steven Taylor Beck, age 57, left to see what is on the other side on August 11, 2017. Now he knows and you don’t. Steve was born at a very early age in Sioux Falls, but did most of his growing up halfway to Brandon, and was graduated from Brandon-Valley High School in 1978. After graduation, Steve spent some years wasting the money of his parents, who, fortunately, were patient and loving people.

Steve worked as a creative designer for Paulson Advertising and then worked for Showplace Wood Products in Harrisburg. He goes on to say,

Steve suffered heart failure in 2016, which offended him greatly, and he never really got over it. Mayo concluded he had a rare congenital LVNC (look it up).
Steve was preceded in death by about a bazillion people, if you add it all up, but most notably by his parents, Vi and Billy R. Beck. (Steve wrote this by the way, so cut him some slack-he’s dead now.) Steve leaves behind amazing son Jared, and his lovely and gracious wife, Nikki, and their growing brood of young goobers. Steve also leaves younger brother, Barry Beck and older sister, Lori Mowbray.

Steve will also miss spending time with friends, and co-workers:

Steve sorely misses the finest friends any man could ask for: RAM, DX, JAO, Phoebe and Badger, Gary and the rest of you. You know who you are. He will await you on the other side, preferably poolside, but no hurry. Take your time. Steve also will miss a much accursed and beloved Goffin’s cockatoo named Calvin T. Bird, his shouldermate for more than two decades.

But also valued time with his soulmate:

Most importantly, Steve is forever thankful for the privilege to love, admire, and share life and death with Linda Clement, his soulmate to the end. Steve will most look forward to seeing her again on the other side. But as stated prior: No hurry. Steve says goodbye and thank you all so very, very much. Steve was a lucky man.

We applaud Steve's life and can't help but think our paths crossed at at one time either around a marketing table or the golf course. You can read the full obituary and visitation times on Miller Funeral Home's website.

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