It's not unheard of here in farm country for livestock to get loose. Cows end up on highways from time to time. One cow in Iowa did not make it off an Iowa highway.

According to, a cow found its way onto Highway 9 roughly seven miles east of Rock Rapids back on July 25. It was determined by a Lyon County deputy that a 1999 Ford F-150 pickup truck had struck and killed the cow. This, as you would imagine, completely totaled the old Ford.

The deputy found that the driver of the truck was showing signs of being intoxicated, who did admit that he had imbibed that day. After failing a breath test the driver was hauled off to the county jail where they found his blood alcohol level was indeed over the legal limit.

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Scott J. Walters was arrested on a charge of second-offense operating while under the influence.

If you are wondering how many cows are hit by motor vehicles each year, I couldn't find any data on that. But I was able to find that cows are more likely to kill you than a bear is.

Cattle are the fourth most likely to kill a human, just ahead of snakes, on a list of the deadliest animals in the United States published back in 2019. Dogs came in third, followed by bees and other stinging insects, and finally deer, which took the top spot on the list. Mountain lions, sharks, alligators, and crocodiles are all less likely to kill you than a cow. But they don't taste as good as cow does.

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