Anyone living in Sioux Falls that is currently looking for a job should be able to find one, that is if you believe the news regarding the most recent job opening statistics just released.

3,342 job openings were found in the Sioux Falls metro area after a one-day inspection in March. That by the way, is up from 2,737 jobs on the same day last year.

All the job opportunities in Sioux Falls can be attributed to continued low unemployment.

Greg Johnson, of the Sioux Falls office of the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation says, low unemployment is keeping demand for workers “as strong as ever.”

The inspection found a diverse range of openings throughout the area.

Many construction positions are starting to pop up on the radar, with warmer weather right around the corner. It also helps that national chains like Aldi's and Walmart are opening new stores in Sioux Falls very soon.

Aldi's hopes to have two stores in Sioux Falls by year's end. People applying for jobs at Aldi's can expect to see starting wages begin at $13 an hour for store associates and up to $23 an hour for manager trainees. Part-time staff members working at least 25 hours a week receive full health benefits and dental coverage.

Walmart is also busy looking for future employees. They plan to hire 300 people for their new store opening this spring at 85th Street and Minnesota Avenue.

As a result, other retailers in the area are being forced to get aggressive when it comes to finding employees. According to Johnson, "If people are starting to put banners back in the windows with wages, that’s a sure sign demand is great.”

At the present time, the largest concentration of job openings in the Sioux Empire can be found in sales, office and administrative support, construction and health care.

With the Sioux Falls job market currently being so strong, Johnson says, "Employers know they have to compete to retain or to recruit people away from great jobs they have now.”

Source: Argus Leader

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