A Sioux Falls man faces rape charges in connection with the alleged sexual abuse of his two young daughters.

Police Spokesman Sam Clemens explains.

"We had a report from the Department of Social Services that the four-year-old made comment to her mom that her dad had some sexual contact with her. That kicked off our investigation."

"Detectives were able to get the two daughters (the four-year-old and five-year-old) to Child's Voice. They found out there had been some sexual contact. A warrant was issued for the father. He was arrested for four counts of first-degree rape."

Clemens says the girls were told not to tell anyone about the abuse.

"The dad made the comment that he was trying to get the daughters to keep it a secret. They ended up telling mom."

"Obviously the young children are easily influenced. We certainly want kids to be telling somebody about the abuse they trust, whether it's an adult or teacher if there is something inappropriate that is happening. Parents need to watch out for those different signs too."

Clemens identified the 39-year-old man, but Results Radio does not reveal the names of sexual assault victims, and has chosen not to reveal his name in order to protect the identity of his daughters.

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