It looks like Batman has unfinished business to take care of in the Sioux Empire!

Just a month ago, the Sioux Falls Batman announced on a Facebook live video that he was moving to the East coast with his family.  But after an outpouring amount of "Bat-Signals," Batman decided his job was not over.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday evening, Batman explains, "It is with a joyous and grateful heart that I announce that The Mattke family and as The Sioux Falls Batman, that we have decided NOT to leave this amazing city of Sioux Falls, but to STAY and continue our journey as Batman and continue to serve the amazing families of #teambatman and those families we have yet to touch and meet to help their loved ones in their journey and battle with children's cancer and other rare diseases."

The Sioux Falls Batman has been known to visit sick children in hospitals and at local events.  This includes visiting the kids during the Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon.  As of now, Radiothon is set to take place on May 14th and 15th.

Welcome home, Batman and Mattke family!  We can't wait to continue to watch you fight for the kids!

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