There comes a time in a parent's life when you realize that self-editing is most necessary. For some folks more than others.

Our kids tend to parrot what we say. If you don't want your littles using the big cusses in front of family and friends at the Thanksgiving table you need to make sure they aren't hearing them at home.

So what audible options are left for you when you slam your finger in the kitchen draw? Maybe screaming out an “Oh Sugar!” or “What the FRACK!”?

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We asked people around the Sioux Empire “What are your go-to Alternative Swear Words”? Here are some of the very creative responses we received:

  1. Amy Hildebrand: Mother Father!
  2. Kendra Franklin Karbowski: “Fettuccine!”
  3. Chris Mager Wevik: Fudge Nuggets! Or Frick n frack!
  4. Rogene Brown: Bonofasitch! and Mell of a Hess!
  5. Stacey Wilcox: “Jesus Chrysler” or “Son of a Buick”
  6. Kimberly Narum: Oh Dear Judy!
  7. Laura Guindon: Barnacles!
  8. Tory Dubbelde Bohlke: Shoot a pickle!
  9. Melinda Kroeger: Ferknockin!!
  10. Lori Christenson-Jensen: Sugar tit.
  11. Peri Shultz: Oh Sugar Jets!
  12. Laura Debates: B-I-Zitchy! Oh Fluck!
  13. Laurie Wermers Heintz: Sugar beets and Plum fairies!
  14. Tonia Lambert-Vanderloo: Buttermilk Biscuits!

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