Three tornadoes hit Sioux Falls on the evening of September 10, 2019, damaging many homes and businesses. One of those businesses was the Pizza Ranch at 41st and Kiwanis Ave.

The Pizza Ranch shared on their facebook page that it maybe May or June of 2020 before they will re-open. They went on to explain their current situation:

“As of today, the salvage company has removed everything out of the space that they want. The insurance company is now moving forward on cleaning out the debris (walls, ceiling, duct-work, flooring, etc). The plan is for the entire Plaza to have all debris removed from the inside by next week. They will remove the old rubber roof and then start replacing the roof with the exception of the hole. New metal beams and decking are in order to replace the damaged roof but are 10-12 weeks out.

Pizza Hut Sioux Falls - Facebook
Pizza Ranch Sioux Falls - Facebook

Once the roof is repaired (hopefully by mid-December); then the interior buildout can get started. Our best guess would be May or June of 2020 before we reopen. Next week we will start working with the building department at Pizza Ranch Corp to start laying out the new store. We are considering adding another 1-2,000 sq feet to our current space, adding more seats and expanding the restaurant and the Fun Zone arcade. We have great insurance to take care of our 100+ employees and will be back bigger and better than ever.”

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